Friday, February 19, 2010

Short Stroke Love

Just got in a bunch of 2TB drives and a speedy RAID controller... Now let's see what we can do with some silly Short Stroke Configs.

3 x 2TB Drive stripe... 450Mb/sec /sigh I think I’m in love.

But why is it flat? It doesn’t peter off at the end like other examples…

Well that’s because I forgot to make it a GPT disk at install (don’t even know if you can) so it’ll only partition the first 2TB hence the boost! It’s like enforced short stroking.

This will be a production setup. It's accually RAID10 across 6 drives. If I stripped all six drives I'm pretty sure I could get close to 1GB/Sec!


  1. If my maths is correct and you take in all the variables , I think u have already hit your hard limit , U wont get much more speed out of 6 drives. :)

  2. Haha! Turns out you were right;

    However a single drive is averaging over 100MB/s so I would have thought 6 would give us close to 600MB/s. But i didn't only get around 450MB/s even with 6 drives in RAID0. Still thinking about where that bottleneck is.