Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh dear that was too easy really

I'm glad to report that I've found a solution to the 2TB limit problem.

Let me tell you it was a serious Faceplam moment once I figured it out.

It turns out when you build the RAID you can just configure whatever size you want under the handy Array Size option. UGH!! How easy is that!?!?
So I built the System as 300GB and then allocated the rest to a "Data" volume.
The final build looks like this... Hmmm 5TB... Both volumes are RAID10 over all 6 drives and the System is a sexy 300GB short stroke.
I'm seriously thankful to all that is holy that I figured that one out. I was starting to feel decidedly noobish.


  1. Who's machine is this is all I have to ask? Is this the baby oven with now an adaptec sas/sata card installed? Cause that config util looks surprisingly server like.. or add on raid controller like. :)

    But really - awesome stuff.

  2. It's the big bosses Machine. The objective to to minimise the time he has to wait for his 30GB mailbox to load.

    He refuses to shrink his mailbox and won't sign off on archiving... It makes me a little crazy just thinking about it.

    /Deep Breaths... Iiiiin and Ooooout

    Ahh that's better. The boss isn't always right but he's always the boss.