Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Only 2TB What the...?

Oh god it hurts.

Seems like 2TB would be more than enough storage on your boot volume. Well turns out it's all you get no matter what you want!

As you may have noticed these machines I’ve been testing and building this week have been built for high performance.

I’ve been discussing the RAID configuration which involves 6 x 2TB drives. This insane amount of storage has been configured in RAID10. Performance is good and we’ve got some redundancy which is nice.

The problem is when once we get the OS up and running we can only address the first 2TB of disk leaving the remaining 4TB in an unreachable limbo!

This is because the OS is booting from a MBR drive. The MBR system is old. It’s limited to 4 partitions and 2TB of space.

We really want the disk to be a GPT Disk so we can use the rest of disk. But as far as I’ve searched I’ve not discovered how to create a GPT disk at install or convert the System disk from MBR to GPT. I mentioned this issue in a previous post but all week I’ve assumed it’d be easy to resolve.

Turns out your hardware needs to support EFI booting. EFI is the new BIOS. It looks useful here’s a video on the Pre OS environment in windows that is interesting and elaborates on the topic in in a relevant way.

The bummer is the machines I'm working with are BIOS based and thus only boot from MBR.So right now I’ve got a 6TB volume of which I can address on the first 2TB. The research is continuing.

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