Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Everyday Powershell - Part 29 - Add-SMTPAlias

It's funny. When you think about how many clicks you need to go through to add an SMTP alias to an Exchange mailbox... There's a lot of clicks! Or you could just use this function and be done in 5 seconds.

function Add-SMTPAlias{
    <# Add-SMTPAlias
    .SYNOPSIS Adds smtp alias to a given mailbox


    .PARAMETER alias
    Users Alias

    newsmtpaddress desired email alias

    Add-IPToSMTPRelay -alias someuser -newsmtpaddress someusersotheremail@someserver.com 

    param (
        $emailaddresses = (get-mailbox $alias).emailaddresses
        $emailaddresses += $newsmtpaddress.ToString()
            Set-Mailbox $alias -EmailAddresses $emailaddresses -ErrorAction stop
            write-warning ("Problem setting email address " + $_)

5 minutes or 5 seconds, the choice is yours GUI fans. Maybe it's time to give in to the power of the shell?