Friday, May 16, 2014

New rig is online!

Parts arrived by courier this morning...

Was planning to wait for the weekend to do the build. But being the passionate hardware enthusiast that I am, I couldn't wait. So I took a long lunch around at Kaggies shop and got to work.

The motherboard was in and out a few times to fit parts that I'd forgotten to mount. 

Doing the build in a proper work space was tops! Chris has all sorts of handy tools!

Mounting that water cooling system had me scratching my head for a while. Pretty sure I've done it wrong too. Might have a look a that manual again when I have a minute. I feel like there should be another Fan in the mix.

Builds always look so good right before the cables go in, don't they?

All done! All up it was about 2 hours including the Windows 8.1 install which was about 10 minutes! It's so fast and so Quiet. The Graphics card will change the sound profile quite a lot but we've got some plans for that too!

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