Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I learned at the Winter Scripting Games - Part 2

Our scripts for event 1 have been uploaded but they were far from finished. I blame Australia Day for eating our last Saturday of free time. There's a reason it's called National Drunk Day... It's the day we're Drunk all Day.

Our team "Awesome" has 4 members, 2 complete newbies, 1 observer and Me. We've taken on a bit of work trying to learn as we go but it's been really illuminating even if we're not getting all the way through the events.

We're learning to collaborate on distributed software projects

We're learning about setting up functions to run with pipe lined input

We're learning about all that help stuff that's at the top of everyone's scripts

We're learning to teach each other about the fundamentals of computer programming

Just deciding to be in the event and have a go puts us ahead of the majority. We're not expecting to take gold in any events, that's not what this is about. We get interesting problems that have been hand picked to teach us something. We have to work together and come up with working solutions and that experience has been invaluable already!

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  1. Good luck for the games.
    I kinda had a similar experience for Event1.
    I had to catch a train at 7 PM Saturday, and hurried to finish testing and upload the code before the deadline.