Friday, May 24, 2013

What I Learned at the Scripting Games - Part 3

Well the number one thing I got out of this week was that we need to raise our domain functional level to server 2008R2 (at a minimum).

I spent quite a while getting the script to work with server 2003 domain controllers. A point that seemed lost on the crowd.

There are some neat tricks in this script though and I learned a lot because I chose to make it harder on myself. Casting Types, BitWise checks, "filetime" oh and most importantly the CSS for pink mouse hovering!  Credit there must go to my boss Nathan. Well for the mouse over bit... The pink was all me!

If server 2008 was going to be the target platform we could have used something like this;

Get-ADUser | Get-Random -Count 20 | select all the stuff | ConvertTo-Html Blah blah

But I had fun none the less. The scripting games has been really fun and informative. It's really great seeing how different scripters will attack the same problem. Bring on Problem 5!

Also I should being planning that domain functional level upgrade... There's a lot of powershell goodness to be leveraged!

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