Thursday, March 24, 2011

When Service Packs Attack!

Installed Windows 7 SP1? Good for you, you're keeping your shit up to date! (3xU combo!!)

Noticed that your machine won't wake from sleep? Yeah? It has to be powered on, like with the power button, and then whinges that Windows was not properly shutdown! But I put you to sleep you little shit!

So you start troubleshooting, right? Have a dig around in POWERCFG, thanks to your old mate Ben you got access to a sweet how to. Nope nothing there.

Better see this for yourself aye? So you set the sleep timer to 1 minute and wait...

Ahhhh there she goes off to sleep as she should... Isn't she cute as she's going to sleep.. Then, BAM! BSOD!

I bet that's what happened for you! That's why you're here (or you got my email telling you to come read my blog) well let me help out here, because I can.

Basically if you are totally leet OR want to be massively attractive to the opposite sex you'll be booting your OS from some kind of RAID. Well there's your problem!

Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 has introduced a bug that causes this issue. Basically if a machine is booted from a “SCSI Miniport driver" it will BSOD when it is put to sleep. 

Good news though there is a fix.

Happy patching you RAID loving nerds!

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