Monday, May 10, 2010

Edit another Users Registry

Scenario: Some noob has used a machine you own and has foobed something in their HKey\Current User now they're crying for you to fix it.

Piece of piss! Delete the user profile, hit them with a stick and scream at them to stop being such a NUB!


If option 1 is out, you just need to;

be an admin
open regedit
highlight HKey_Users
click file
click load hive
browse to the users profile folder
Open up their NTUser.dat IE - c:\users\[NOOBS NAME]\ntuser.dat
Make the required changes
Highlight the Noobs Key
Click Unload Hive

This post is dedicated to Torch, who deals with this sort of noobery all day every day.

Blessed is the soul who leads the ingornant into the light of truth!

May he find peace from his torment.

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  1. And the fountain of knowledge flows endlessly from you sir.