Thursday, April 8, 2010

I has da powa!

Love it or hate the iPhone is a popular piece of kit. It’s got a lot of great features including a super friendly UI, disturbingly friendly at times. Like going to dinner at an undiscovered serial killers home, everything is shiny on the surface just don’t go down to the basement.

Aside from the suspect practices of its creator one of my big gripes with the hardware itself is battery life. I struggle to get 24 hours use out of a full charge. Of course I could charge it every night but where does that leave me when I forget? Those that know me know that forgetting stuff is one of my more adorable or onerous personality traits depending on how long you’ve known me.

So after a couple of weeks of experimentation I’ve come up with a few battery saving tips that may extend your devices operational hours.

• Turn off Bluetooth
• Turn off Wi-Fi

Obvious enough really these two saved me some power... But hold onto your undies it's going to get more obvious;

• Turn down Backlight Brightness

This change gave me the most visible improvement to battery life. With the backlight on the minimum setting I got 3 days out of a charge! Admittedly I couldn’t use the phone outside during the day... But that was a sacrifice I was willing to make for the sake of science.

I’ve set the backlight brightness to about 10% and that seems to be a happy medium for me.


  1. I reckon you can get another day out of it Ben if you do the following. Turn of 3g Settings - General - Network.

    Also check your email retrieval settings. With Push settings on your battery lasts about 25% of what it should. Changing this to manual retrieval or hourly will definitely increase the life further. Not me though, my batteries pooched and needs to be replaced. I'm lucky if I get half a day at the moment.

  2. Good advice. I've done the mail settings. But will leave 3G on. I needs the speed!

    Bummer about your battery. So you have to go to the apple store for that yeah?